Eyelash extensions are a wonderful accessory for any type of eyelash client, whether you want you lashes to be fuller, longer, curlier, or just like the convenience of not having to wear mascara! I service clients of all types, those with short lashes that need length, thinner lashes that need fullness, and even those with long and thick lashes of their own who just like to have more.

The process to put on your first set can take from 1.5 to 2 hours time. It is a commitment, but once you find the convenience of not having to wear mascara, you will be hooked! The process is easy. Just close your eyes and let me go to work! After 2-3 weeks, your lashes will start to grow out and you will need to fill them. Your lashes grow in cycles, and there are often 3 layers of lashes growing at different times. The cycles are 2-3 weeks, which is why you would need to fill them.

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Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions Service Menu

Full Set Classic Eyelash Extensions (single lashes) 1.5-2 hours:  $160
Classic Lash Extension FILL (60 min):  $60
Extra Full Lash Fill (75 min):  $75
Volume 3-D Lash set (2.5-3 hours): $250
3-D Lash fIll (75 min): $75

Semi-Permanent Mascara

Semi-Permanent Mascara is done in the salon.  It's a process in which you must close your eyes and relax as I coat each eye lash with a mascara coating mixture that once it dries, will take up to 3 weeks to fade away.  It's perfect if you want to wake up with mascara!  The look is a natural mascara look.  You can easily layer your own mascara on top of it for special occasions.  
Price:  $35